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I first joined Deviant Art 3 years ago and then totally ignored it for two of them.  But last year I finally got around to posting on it.   I use it as a sort of sounding board for ideas on processing.  Rough stuff and images that are 90% finished get aired there.   After a slow start  my images began to take off.   I won two Daily Deviant awards and suddenly started to get followers.

While poking around the stats section I noticed that the hits were beginning to build up.  At first I was thrilled to hit 100000.  Then it started to snowball.   More and more each month.  The average image gets 3,500 hits.  It’s been fun to see what images are successful and which ones less so.  I’m often surprised at what the public likes.  It differs terrifically from what would be my own personal favourites.   It makes me reassess what an audience may like,  but alas,  it’s rarely in step with what I like in an image.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve realised I was homing in on my 1,000,000th image view on this one site. gets 25,000 a month, which is cool.  But 1,000,000 of anything is cooler!  So it’s good time to take stock and think of what I’ll do next.

When I started out in photography 5 years ago – I thought it would be nice to get a few good shots for my house.  Some flowers, still lifes and landscapes.  Yet somehow I’ve evolved into a fashion, portraiture and fine art nudes photographer.  I don’t see myself becoming a commercial photographer.  My work is too esoteric for that and I’m way too bull-headed to ever be a team player.  So personal projects of a 12 month duration are becoming my goal.  This year I’m working with one model, once a month on art-based fashion.  It’s been fun planning around the seasons.   My head is awash with what I want to do next – a second project will start in June.   The two will run in tandem.   It will be completely different to arty-fashion.  It has to be, or what is the point?

Heres a few of my most viewed shots on Deviant Art:

Nude Site-0001-13 Nude Site-0001-17 Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 00.36.41 Nude Site-0001-11 Nude Site-0001-27