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A Magazine Cover

I’ve been following PH Magazine for a few years now.  It explores the artier side of photography, which I’m quite partial to.   Each month you get a theme and 5 or 6 photographer’s portfolios in that genre.  There is also a brief biog and links to the photographer’s sites.


I get to explore new work, I haven’t seen before. So it was a very odd feeling to be asked to be one of the contributors to the Art Nude edition.  Probably because I plough away in the quiet furrow of Ireland.  Which isn’t exactly a hotbed for art nude modelling, so you don’t expect to be noticed. When asked to contribute, it was quite humbling.  To be told I was going to be on the cover was quite a shock.


I knew I wanted my section to be consistent,  themed and about my long gestating ageing project which has been running for three years and still has another one to go.   Things have been slowing down, but has given me the boost to see it through to the end. Download the magazine here 0.7