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Knocked Up

Building a website couldn’t be that hard.  Or so I thought.   It has to be logical.  Just follow the right steps:

Buy domain.

Use wordpress.

Pick theme.

Install pages & images.

Voila. Done.

Except it wasn’t.  The domain host software, the theme and WordPress decided they didn’t like one another and wouldn’t play nice.  It was illogical and I’m a bit Spock-like in my quest for logical.   So a holy war was declared on WordPress.  It was going to bend to my will.   Despite having zero coding background, it was time to roll up the sleeves and hit the forums and start twisting the code to get it to where I wanted it.  Eventually, after enough burning of the midnight oil to cause a small hole in the ozone layer over my workroom, WordPress surrendered.  The site was finally connecting to the web.  Victory was mine.

I had hated every long, drawn out minute of it.  It was tedious, confusing and dull.  But by the end I felt I knew the software & the horrible experience had become one of minor triumph.  I managed to accrue all the information I need to set up, run, operate and update my site.   No third party required.   I’m proud of that.

So welcome to the new site. Gareth Byrd 2.0. Sleeker & faster than the old one.  It runs on the mobile platform too.  Spock would proud!

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