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Monthly Archives: March 2014


I first joined Deviant Art 3 years ago and then totally ignored it for two of them.  But last year I finally got around to posting on it.   I use it as a sort of sounding board for ideas on processing.  Rough stuff and images that are 90% finished get aired there.   After a slow start  my images began to take off.   I won two Daily Deviant awards and suddenly started to get followers. While poking around the stats section I noticed that the hits were beginning to build up.  At first I was thrilled to hit […]

A Model Profession

I’ve worked with over 100 models.  That makes me experienced enough to say that I’ve seen the good and bad in the model profession.   There have been horror stories, no shows, indifference, lack of self awareness, diva-like behaviour, lies,  drugs and most scarily – self harm.  On the other side of the weighing scales I’ve seen diligence, attention to detail, professionalism, athletic ability, artistic integrity and confident self worth.  If you work with someone new, you never know what what you’re going to get. Some photographers will only work with the same few models.  There is a reliability there, […]

A Magazine Cover

I’ve been following PH Magazine for a few years now.  It explores the artier side of photography, which I’m quite partial to.   Each month you get a theme and 5 or 6 photographer’s portfolios in that genre.  There is also a brief biog and links to the photographer’s sites.   I get to explore new work, I haven’t seen before. So it was a very odd feeling to be asked to be one of the contributors to the Art Nude edition.  Probably because I plough away in the quiet furrow of Ireland.  Which isn’t exactly a hotbed for art […]